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If you are an individual or a business faced with worrying financial difficulties here at Platinum Partnership we have the professional expertise to help you to meet the challenges you face.

We provide impartial in depth one to one advice through to assisting you in any formal legal proceedings that may arise with a view to finding the right exit strategy to suit your particular set of circumstances. By identifying the right solution at the earliest opportunity you can reduce your exposure to financially adverse consequences.

Our experienced team of lawyers can assist you in a range of scenarios including debt matters, bankruptcy, IVAs, CVAs, PVAs and liquidation – whether in anticipation of legal proceedings or in dealing with their legal consequences. Our team of lawyers are passionate about our services and our clients will see this in the quality of work we do for them.

We aim to deliver the best quality of work to our clients to give the “friend in need” service. We provide professional support in the following areas;

Debt matters; Bankruptcy; IVAs; CVAs; PVAs; Liquidations; Administrations.


We provide a balanced legal service to clients facing difficulties in all aspects of family life. We act with professionalism and discretion.

We offer a fast, friendly and considerate approach.

With one of the most experienced Family Law Teams in the region, we are well equipped to advise and represent private clients in all aspect of Family Law.

  • All of our family solicitors provide specialist advice on:
  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial settlements and maintenance
  • Contract, residence and all other matters involving children
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Living together agreements

Residential Property

Moving house can be one of the most significant and expensive steps that any individual or family takes and is widely considered to be one of the most stressful of life's experiences.

We recognise that speed is often of the essence and our service is designed to minimise problems wherever possible and to keep you informed at every important stage.

In addition to residential property transactions of all sizes ranging from high value properties to cottages and studio flats for use as a home or as an investment, we advise on the purchase and disposal of land, the sub-division of land and the refinancing of property.

Our extensive experience of landlord and tenant matters includes advising on lease extensions and the acquisition of freeholds subject to leases.

We can assist you with the tax implications of the purchase and disposal of property.


It is the legal and financial process involved in dealing with the property, money and possessions (called the assets) of a person who has died.

Executors will have been named in the will to deal with the wishes of the deceased. Before they can distribute claim, transfer, or sell or any of the deceased’s assets they may have to apply for Probate.

Application has to be made to the Probate Registry who will grant probate either through a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. Only then can the next of kin or Executor start to deal with the deceased person’s assets in accordance with their Will. If the deceased died without a Will the law decides who should receive everything.

How does equity release work

Islamic Wills (Making A Sharia Compliant Will)

“It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequest not to let two nights pass without writing a Will about it.” Sahih al-Bukhari

It is stated in several Hadiths the importance of having a Will. It is also stated in Surah An-Nisa that ones who execute it with the Islamic Law of Inheritance carries the potential for great blessing and mercy from our Creator.

“It is prescribed for you, when death approaches one of you, if he leaves behind wealth, that he bequeaths unto parents and near relatives in goodness; (that is) a duty on those who safeguard themselves with full awareness of divine laws.” 2:180 The Holy Quran.

If you do not leave a Will, then you are classed as having died ‘intestate’ and the state would step in. This means that your estate is dictated under English Law, which is different to distribution under Sharia rules. In order to prepare a Sharia compliant Will, it is necessary to understand how the estate is applied under Sharia successor rules in accordance with the Quran:

Your debts and funeral costs are paid.

A third of the estate may be given to charities or individuals as ‘Sadaqa jariya’ which is only one of three actions which continues to be rewarded even after death.

The remainder is given to a set of ‘main’ beneficiaries then to the residuary beneficiaries.

It is important you state that you wish to be buried in accordance with Islamic principles, as opposed to cremation or for scientific research.

You can appoint suitable guardians for your children in the event that both parents die before the children reach 18 years of age. You can express your wishes on how you want your children to be raised.

If you have undertaken a Nikah only ie not registered your marriage and die intestate (without a Will) your spouse could end up with nothing under English law.

As well as complying with a Sunnah by making a Will, you can also help your family after to ensure there are no fami,y disagreements and also ensure your estate is tax efficient so your family is not forced to dispose of assets you have worked so hard for in Inheritance Tax.

Trusts, Tax & Estate Planning

What are Trusts?

Trusts are a way of managing wealth either in the form of money, investments, land or property, for you, your family, or anyone else who you’d like to benefit. ‘Trustees’ are appointed when you put assets in a trust and these trustees then manage the trust according to your instructions, even after your death.

The following are forms of Trusts we can help you with:

– Provide for vulnerable loved ones
– Provide for children and partners from different relationships
– Ensure assets are passed on to the next generation
– Help your family by funding education for your children and grandchildren
– Reduce inheritance tax payments

We will work with you to provide a bespoke plan created just for you.

What is Inheritance Tax

People who inherit money or property from a person who has died have to pay inheritance tax. Estate tax is a levy on the estate of a person who has died

Our Inheritance Tax solicitors can help you plan your estate’s inheritance tax so your loved ones can make the most of your assets, wealth, and property you have worked so hard to acquire. Astute planning and expert legal advice are crucial to make sure your estate is inheritance tax (IHT) is efficient, particularly if you own businesses or foreign assets. We can advise you on how to take advantage of the complex web of IHT reliefs and exemptions and maximise the inheritance you pass on to the next generation. Our dedicated team of lawyers are recognised experts in all aspects of inheritance tax, including:

– Inheritance tax planning and estate planning
– Transferring tax-free allowances to wives, husbands and civil partners
– Non-domicile and international inheritance tax
– Lifetime gifts and potentially exempt transfers (PETs)

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of arranging, management and disposal of that person’s estate during the person’s life and after death, so the estate is financially efficient.

We work with you to plan ahead as you wish.

General Litigation

Our solicitors are able to deal with any litigation problems you encounter.

From boundary disputes to consumer contracts, are specialist advisers are here to offer you no nonsense efficient advice to enable to you to deal with your problem with the minimum of fuss and more importantly, cost.

We also receive instructions from many estate agents to act for their  landlords who typically either have a one property portfolio or multiple properties where rents are in arrears and/or require eviction notices for non paying tenants.

Personal Injury

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury from an accident caused in part or in full by another person, then you may be considering a claim for compensation.

PPS is regarded as one of the leading specialist personal injury advisers in the UK.

We are known for our wealth of experience in advising on a range of cases, including those resulting from road traffic accidents, incidents at work and trips and slips.

Our Senior Partner is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

We provide a client focused service, making the earliest possible assessment of every potential claim and agreeing an action plan that sets out the steps to be taken in detail. Every case is different and we take time to get to know you so that we understand your injuries and objectives and offer properly tailored advice.

As well as being trained in the medical issues arising from personal injuries, we have well-established relationships with the top experts across all relevant disciplines.

We are committed to a team approach between us, our clients and the other professionals involved.


BECAUSE its important to make sure whatever you leave behind goes to the people you want it to. Leaving a will takes the pain and stress away from your family at the most difficult time.

We are expert Will writing solicitors and can help you protect the things you’ve worked hard for. Whether your affairs are simple or complicated, we can make the process of making a Will cost-effective and stress free.

We are still able to serve your legal needs during social distancing

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown and the social distancing guidelines we have had to change the way we work but we can still offer you this service, stress free, so don’t worry, we will guide you.

We do simple fixed fee Wills, and Wills for more complex estates too.

Everybody should have a will, but it is more important when you marry, divorce, have children or have assets to look after.

How to avoid inheritance tax

Marriage, civil partnership or divorce

If you’re just about to get married, you will want comfort in knowing that your assets will go to your loved ones. Or if a relationship comes to an end, you’ll want to settle matters as quickly and painlessly as possible and without costly court disputes. We’ll work closely with you to develop a strategy that’s fair for you and your family, protecting your financial security – and your well-being.

Wealth management and protection

We understand that it is imperative that your wealth and assets are protected for future generations following your death. When you’re making a Will, you can also maximise the value of your hard earned assets through effective estate planning. We can help with efficient tax planning in order to achieve significant tax savings to help you manage your wealth now and in the future.

Other milestones

There are numerous other reasons why you would want to make a will. When buying a house, to the birth of your children. Any life changing event can result in making a Will very important. Changes in the law and tax legislation may also mean that it’s important to make or update a Will.

If your Will is straightforward, we can offer you a fixed fee. However if you already have a Will in place, we can also help you update it if your circumstances change.

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Power Of Attorney (A Power of Attorney can give peace of mind )

Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are used to ensure you maintain control of your financial and personal affairs. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney.

Health and Welfare- which gives your appointed attorneys control over housing and social service issues as well as medical decisions and treatment.

Property and Finances- this gives your appointed attorneys authority to deal with your property and finances involving accessing and operating your bank account, paying your bills, collecting income etc.

These documents enable you to choose who you want to look after your financial and property affairs. They can also detail your decisions about the type of medical treatment you want to receive if you fall ill. Your appointed attorneys should be people you trust as they will be acting on your behalf and with your best interest at heart.

Court of Protection

The Court of Protection in English law is a superior court intended to deal with matters under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. It has jurisdiction over the property, financial affairs and personal welfare of people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.

If you or a member of your family, through accident or illness, is unable to look after your or their legal and financial affairs and a Lasting Power of Attorney is not in place, then the Court will appoint a Deputy on your behalf. This could be a member of your family or someone you trust or even a Solicitor.

We help those people who have put themselves forward to act for a relative as Deputy. The obligations and demands that come with the role can be time consuming and stressful. We try our utmost to make this as painfree as possible.

Experience and Qualifications


Our fees are calculated on the sale/purchase/re-mortgage value. Average fees can range from £350.00 to £1,500.00 plus VAT depending on the nature of the transaction on a property up to a value of £1 million.

These fees are calculated on the length of time we think a transaction will take. Our hourly rates are:

Nasreen Karim – 20 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
John Dowling – 42 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
Ed Wegorzewski – 42 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
Paul Stock – 42 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
Anthony Foley – Paralegal, Hourly Rate £111.00 plus vat


Our fees are calculated on the value of the estate and time spent. Average fees can range from £750.00 to £1,500.00 plus VAT depending on the nature of the transaction.

Our fees are calculated on an hourly bases. These are the rates:

Nasreen Karim – 20 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
John Dowling – 42 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
Ed Wegorzewski – 42 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
Paul Stock – 42 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
Anthony Foley – Paralegal, Hourly Rate £111.00 plus vat


Our fees are calculated on an hourly bases. These are the rates:

Nasreen Karim – 20 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
John Dowling – 42 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
Ed Wegorzewski – 42 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
Paul Stock – 42 Years PQE, Grade A Solicitor, Hourly Rate £201.00 plus VAT
Anthony Foley – Paralegal, Hourly Rate £111.00 plus vat